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Sandy Hook PTO

29 days ago


2018-2019 PTO Board

You may contact the PTO at

President - Deborah Colburn
Vice President - Kim Young
Secretary - Renee Glovier
Treasurer -
Reporter/Social Media Coordinator - Abby Walters
Fundraising Coordinator - Jenn Butler


Help Our School!

Many businesses have programs to give back to local schools. Listed below you will find information about the different ways our school can benefit from these programs.

Box Tops –
We received over $5700 from the Box Tops Program last year!  Save your Box Tops and turn them in to your child’s teacher.  It is extremely helpful if you glue or tape them onto Box Tops sheets. When you need more sheets, just let your child’s teacher know.  We will run a contest to see which classroom collects the most Box Tops.  Box Tops turned in at any time prior to the contest are counted toward the class total, so please don’t wait until the announcement of the contest to send them in.  Also, visit the Box Tops Marketplace and earn box tops by shopping at your favorite stores online!

Ink Cartridges
Last year we were able to receive almost $50 from recycling ink cartridges.  Any used ink cartridge is welcome.  

  • Sandy Hook PTO
    Sandy Hook PTO
    "Sandy Hook is the best!" Says this drawing
  • Sandy Hook PTO
    Sandy Hook PTO
    At SHES the PTO gives a HOOT about a lot of things!